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The New Science of Health and Longevity

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Doesn’t it sound like a fairytale: Once upon a time there was a society that forgot the meaning of divine unity through body, mind and soul. They forgot the universal laws of life, the true meaning of health, and they forgot that disease as such does not exist. They started to believe in sicknesses, in “conditions”, and started to accept that they have an illness and that they need to go to specialists. They had forgotten that god created life simple and that all life on earth follows the same universal laws. They had forgotten his laws because they had created their own science that excluded divinity from their lives.

They gave all their responsibility away, ate toxic food and forgot the sacredness of life which is reflected in the way we deal with our land and our bodies. They also did not understand to create a living space that can heal them, so they lived in houses that weakened them and made things even worse.

When did this all happen? It is happening now – this is the fairytale of our contemporary western society. We live in a reality where most of humanity suffers from serious illnesses during their lives, entirely through self-inflicted causes of life-style and nutrition – due to lack of awareness, unwillingness to change and misleading information from mainstream health services and media. Most of us are still stuck in wrong belief patterns when it comes to understanding our health and how our body works. 

We live in a time of transformation. Old structures, patterns and belief systems are destroyed to make space for the light of divine consciousness to manifest in all areas of life. Traditional and conservative understanding of Health and Disease also falls apart and needs to be replaced like all other rigid forms in life and society. A higher consciousness can lead us to a comprehension that gives light to total healing, rejuvenation and possibilities of longevity that have not been known in past decades.

In my weekend courses “Life Processes – The Principles of Life”, I give inspiration to deepen your insight that you can heal yourself from any disease and even go further to reverse the decay of the body – without the help of conventional doctors, dangerous drugs and a profit driven medical system.

In reality incurable diseases do not exist. It is only our misunderstanding about the biochemical and biophysical aspects of the human system and our unwillingness to address causes and make necessary changes in our life, which prevents the healing of serious illnesses.

The common concept about Health and Disease which is presented to us through the media and our health system is unsatisfactory and even false. It is based on a scientifically wrong paradigm and a worldview that does not integrate the energetic and spiritual levels of existence.

We need a new science based on the understanding of the sacredness of all life.

Life Processes – this term includes all laws, principles and processes that are the basis for all life on earth.

All processes within living organisms are subject to the same laws, whether it concerns plant, animal or humans. Life processes – the principles of life are as old as life itself. Unfortunately today they are not known to us anymore, although they are divinely encoded within each living organism and thus, could be discovered, decoded and understood. We have lost the ability to think about life in a holistic, all inclusive way – instead we try to specialize and loose the context of understanding life’s principles.

Life processes – the biophysical, biochemical and spiritual laws of life are simple and complex at the same time, they are obvious and hidden, they are physical, energetic and spiritual, harmonic and rhythmic like music – they are colourful and alive like life itself. If we would succeed to understand and use these laws again, it would have profound and healing consequences – not just for all those who are ill and suffering but for all life on planet earth.

If we are interested in healing ourselves and the earth, our first step is to gain knowledge about the laws of life and health.

What could help us better than an indebt, loving understanding of all those principles of life on this planet? An understanding that permits us to re-establish health and harmony with simple means – within us and around us. A comprehension that helps us to treat all those diseases successfully which are today falsely classified as incurable. An understanding that permits us to interact with nature to bring about not only an unbelievable abundance of agricultural yields but also stable ecological systems and a regeneration of the physical, energetic and spiritual systems in nature. All this is possible and it is at our hands.

In my weekend courses I explain Life processes in the human system and how healing and rejuvenation is possible for everyone who applies this knowledge in daily life. I do also explain why contemporary western medicine seems to never get to the point of healing and curing a disease.

There are 3 categories of causes that apply for all civilization diseases and they seem to be always interlinked:

1.The Internal Environmental – the human Bio-terrain. This is the environment in which all life processes within the human body work.

2.The External Environmental – the place where you live. You might be astonished but indeed the energy in your house and especially of your sleeping place has a serious effect on your health and is almost always involved as a cause of disease. This refers especially to the factors of electromagnetic and geopathic stress but also toxins from building materials and mattresses.

3.The Soul     – this aspect is commonly called psychosomatic but in reality it includes karma from past lives, the chakras, our energy system and much more.

The so called Bio-terrain is the inner environment of the body. In almost 99% of the population we find an over acidic bio-terrain. The more acidic it is, the faster the decay of our health. I am sure most of you have heard about this fact, but maybe not yet understood the full extend of its importance.

An acid is aggressive, it is causing corrosion. Some of you might have experienced a drop of sulphuric acid from a car battery burns a hole in any tissue. We have similar acids in thousands of combinations in our body.

They transform our living substances (our mineral deposits, the pillars of our health and beauty) into dead substances (acidic salts or impurities which form the biological terrain for any disease to develop). This is the process of ageing and the start for all degenerative diseases. This dilemma which often ends up in terrible suffering and disease can be absolutely regulated by our lifestyle, awareness, by eating a vegetarian whole food diet and drinking toxin free water.

However there are many factors that the individual is likely not aware of. The impact of parasites (especially from vegetables but also from pets and water), electromagnetic and geopathic stress, toxins and heavy metals need to be understood and dealt with – every person in a western society suffers from one or more of these factors and the earlier they are identified and dealt with, the better for the health and for prevention of diseases. These factors can be identified with Bio-Resonance or Radionic testing which I offer in my clinic. The tests can also be conducted remotely without the person present.

In my two day weekend course I deal with many of those details and show solutions for all of them. Even the worst diseases can be healed if we find out and address the causes successfully.

The environment where we live is as important for our health as the nutrition that we take in.

Our houses are overloaded with electromagnetic fields from devices, wiring and radiation that enter our houses from mobile phone and WIFI masts (which have a biological impact within 20 kilometre range).

It only takes a few hours of browsing through the web to find out that high frequency radiation from WIFI, wireless phones and mobile phones is seriously compromising our health. In our age of convenience our houses are full of harmful devices to make our lives easier – and significantly shorter and more painful.

Sometimes worse then the devices in our homes is the impact of the radiation from mobile phone or WIFI masts which are spread in a dense network all around the country. As a rule of thumb, if you get mobile phone or WIFI reception in your house, you should take action and protect your living space from these health decreasing energies. There is no reason for fear or resentment about these things: Where man creates problems he is always able to find solutions as well.

Through many years of bio-physical and geo – biological research I have been able to find amazing solutions to clear houses from electromagnetic pollution and geopathic stress. In my courses I explain in detail how electromagnetic and geopathic stress influences our health and how it can be neutralised. For more information on helpful devices see also my advert on the next page.

The third category which has a strong influence on our health is the state of our soul. To call this influence psychosomatic doesn’t hit the point exactly. It helps to be aware that we had many lives before this one and that each soul comes into this life with karma. Karma is not a sort of punishment but simply the result of past actions that has an influence on our life on the physical, energetic and spiritual level.

Our soul communicates with our physical structure through the chakras. The seven chakras can be understood as seven interfaces of body and soul. The area of the body where a health problem develops shows where our weakest chakra is located. For example if you have difficulties to set goals in your life and follow them or if you have difficulties to relate to people in a fulfilling way, your solar plexus chakra is probably weak and wont supply enough energy for your digestive system to work properly. This then will be the area in your body where toxins will predominantly accumulate, resulting in metabolic disturbances and eventually in a disease – depending on your nutritional and life-style choices.

The “Life Processes” weekend course goes in detail about how the chakra system reflects 7 areas of our soul: the meaning of them and the learning process that is connected with it. 

I strongly believe that we need to re-evaluate our value systems – globally and personally: as long as convenience and material gain is far more valued then health and morality it will be impossible to create a happy and healthy society.

Through networking we can try to spread important information which may help for global and personal transformation. We urgently need to replace our political, economical and health system to create a society based on truth and co-creativity.

It is vital to create an alternative health system that serves those of us that want to take self responsibility and that addresses the causes of diseases. The only way to create such a system is by the power of the people, because governments work hand in hand with the multinational companies. I believe the first step to create a new, holistic health system is to spread awareness about causes of diseases and how our body actually functions.

We should face the truth and understand that the pharmaceutical approach aims to long term medicate a person, which guarantees most profit. There is no interest to healing people and treat causes of a disease.

Why not boycott pills and go on a fulfilling journey of self discovery through mastering your health problems?

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Please do also get in contact with me if you like to organize a course for a group of people – I do also travel and give talks on the subject.

For more information please visit my website or or email me on or 071-9854186

Frank Albrecht is a holistic health researcher, spiritual counsellor, bio- resonance practitioner and Feng Shui consultant. He aims to help individuals to improve their health or find possible causes for diseases and treatment alternatives. To achieve this he uses individual bio-resonance testing and his skills of dowsing and Feng Shui to harmonise the living space as well.


Life Processes – Principles of Life – Background

The New Science of Health and Longevity

 Weekend Courses

In our time of transformation, old structures, patterns and believe systems are destroyed to make space for the light of divine consciousness to manifest in all areas of life. Traditional and conservative understanding of Health and Disease also falls apart and needs to be replaced like all other rigid forms in life and society.

The divine consciousness can lead us to a comprehension that gives light to total healing, rejuvenation and possibilities of longevity that have not been known in past decades. Let this course be an inspiration to deepen your insight that you can heal yourself from any disease and even go further to reverse the decay of the body.

Ancient wisdom combined with contemporary holistic research will give you a completely new picture on health and the choices you can make to successfully deal with your environment, nutrition as well as increasing your life energy.


Our body constantly changes like a river. Life is given to it from a divine source. While our soul is eternal our body is subject to change like all other impermanent things on the physical level of existence. One of the characteristics of our material world is impermanence. Where there is a flower today, there will be a lifeless stalk in a few weeks.

Where there is a mountain today, there may be an eroded plane or an ocean in thousands of years. This impermanence or constant change is the expression of nature. Man with his physical body is part of nature but his soul is the image of the divine. By the power of his soul and his willingness to learn he can receive divine consciousness and wisdom about the eternal laws of nature (which are not subject to change).

He can learn to see that any form of death, decay and ageing is a lack of higher vibrational order. He can learn to reintroduce this vibrational order by understanding the life and death process that happens in nature and within his body. He can learn to recognise this harmonic order around and within him. If he understands these “Life processes”, he will be able to heal himself and his environment in any given situation. The Processes of Life are the same in the human body as in animals, plants and in the soil.

The food he chooses does not just provide physical nutrients but it has a vibrational imprint. It consists of life energy which is measureable in quality and quantity. This food is providing the building blocks for his cell structure, which is constantly changing.  In fact, the atoms that our body consists of are replaced to 98% every year! We receive new atoms with our food and these are built into our cell structure. Do you think it makes a difference, whether these atoms come from a burger or from an organic vegetable source? It might……

From a biochemical point of view, our body consists of water and mineral components. A constant transformation is happening which is hidden and not measurable. The “living substance” of our body is transformed into dead substance. Our mineral deposits (our treasure of life) are slowly getting depleted and transformed into “impurities” which form arrays of sick cells. The speed of this ageing process depends on our “biological terrain”.

Once we comprehend this process, we can make our metabolism work perfectly to achieve a balance between the elimination of toxins and the build up of new cell material from the water and chemical elements that we receive with our food. In such a state of health, degenerative diseases can not manifest.

Looking beyond food and our physical body, we can discover the “life energy” in our environment. This “life energy” ( prana, Qi or Orgon energy) is the etheric energy of the sun, that is building up all matter. The quality of this energy largely contributes to our health and our ageing rhythm. It depends on our environment and what we do to refine and harmonise this life energy within us and around us.

Contents of the course “Life Processes”

This weekend course is split into 4 modules. During the first module (half day, approx 3 hours) the biochemistry of the body will be explained in detail (This is not the kind of bio chemistry that is taught in medical universities as the medical approach does not show a holistic picture). I will be explaining in detail how “living substances” (living water and minerals – this is what our body is mainly consisting of) are turned into “dead substances” (impurities or “acidic salts”, these are minerals that are “used up” for the neutralization of acids).

These explanations are not complicated and will give you the foundation to comprehend the ageing process and how your metabolism works.

During the second module, life energy and the vibrational nature of physical reality will be explained. (Basic quantum physics and ancient eastern teachings about Qi or Prana). It will be explained why vegetarian whole food is essential – from a physical, energetic and spiritual point of view. The chakras will be explained as body soul connections and their role in healing on the level of the soul.

In this module I will also talk about fasting in detail. I will compare different forms of intestinal cleansing, super foods, vitamins, enzymes and other practical advice how we can improve our health and lifestyle.

During the 3rd module I will be going in detail about what causes disease and how we can test metabolic or vibrational disturbances in the body long before the symptom of a disease appears. It will be explained how electromagnetic fields and geopathic stress can destroy the “order” in the etheric body (first subtle body, regulating “prana” or “Qi”) which will result in chaos and metabolic disturbance in the physical body.

I will show how we can protect ourselves and create a healing space at home (introducing some brief Feng Shui principles)

In this module, we will also look at the causes of degenerative diseases like cancer and arterious sclerosis and how they can be reversed. The soul and karmic aspect of disease will also be discussed.

In the 4th module I will talk about possibilities of self diagnosis and perspectives how to create a perfectly balanced lifestyle and environment – to get to the point that we can fully take responsibility about our health and the speed of our ageing process. I will also explain how we can reverse our ageing process to a large degree if we wish to do so.

After finishing the course there will be opportunities for participants to arrange individual consultations – on the same evening or on the next day.

How can you benefit from this weekend course?
This weekend course will give you the knowledge how to approach and support a therapy for any kind of health problem. The material you learn will help you to gain absolute self – responsibility towards your health and the speed of your ageing process.
This seminar will also give you detailed insights, how the physical, energetic and spiritual levels of our existence are interrelated. It will show you which health issues need to be addressed on which levels.

It will allow you to be more conscious with your body and your environment and will give you a glimpse of the perfect wisdom which is manifested within each being. You will learn about powerful healing techniques and about breakthroughs and secrets towards longevity.

It is not just theory that is taught in this course – this knowledge has been successfully practically applied for years – it works. It is possible to put it into practise in daily life. The workshop material is based upon own experience and consists of actual research and ancient wisdom. It includes knowledge from ayurveda, chinese medicine, Feng Shui, geomancy, yoga, dowsing, macrobiotic, Bio- Resonance, herbalism and naturopathy.

About the course instructor

Frank Albrecht was born in Munich and lives in Ireland since 2000. He works as Holistic Health Researcher and undertakes biophysical research to discover the underlying principles of human health and disease. In contrary to conventional medicine, his focus is not the study of diseases but the detailed comprehension of health and the conditions that lead towards health. He believes that incurable diseases do not exist. It is our misunderstanding about the biochemical, biophysical and spiritual aspects of the human system that prevent the cure of serious illnesses.

One main focus of his work is to unite science and spirituality. He believes there is no real science without the underlying understanding of the spiritual realms.

Spiritual practice and purification strongly increased his perception of the life giving energy in natural food and also refined his awareness of both destructive and healing energies that can be prevalent in houses. He considers that personal experience is the only source of true knowledge and the best verification about any theoretical teachings.

Frank also works as a Feng Shui consultant, spiritual counsellor, dowser, Bio-Resonance practitioner and nutritional consultant. He aims to help individuals to improve their health, slow down the ageing process or find possible causes for diseases and treatment alternatives. To achieve this he uses individual bio-resonance testing and his skills of dowsing and Feng Shui to harmonise the living space as well. His websites are:, and (to be launched in 2011).

Contact Frank on for upcoming courses. Please do also get in contact with Frank if you like to organize a course for a group of people – He also travels and gives talks on the subject.


I believe, humans are part of nature, part of creation—but our souls mission is to go beyond. God has created us according to his picture. We can only guess what this means, but we may get the notion that within us there are unlimited possibilities that go far beyond what we can imagine. It is now—in this Age of Aquarius—that we get the possibilities to rediscover all the divine knowledge that was taken from us during the past ages. We can rediscover who we truly are—eternal beings, residing in a body that is perfectly designed for our needs but getting abused due to our misunderstanding of how it functions. We can completely let go from all our fears of disease and old age, if we do understand the divine laws of our “body-temple”. The seminar “Life Processes” is more than a foundation to it. It is a key for you to appreciate the divine perfection of how life and healing processes in your body work flawlessly, once they are understood and given the right attention and “input”.

The Secret of NOT Ageing

Or how to treat and prevent all degenerative diseases!

The Secret of Ageing has been a subject of research and speculations probably as long as mankind has been sharing planet earth. Ageing is a natural factor which can be observed in all forms of material life – but it is a factor that can be directed to one way or the other. The human potential is to stay alive and healthy for up to 140 years – many researchers agree on this term.

Why is nobody in our western culture actually reaching this age and why are people ageing so fast and dying of degenerative diseases that could be avoided? These questions will be answered on the next pages!

You might think this can’t be true – why is it not in the media if this is known? Before you start reading just take 2 minutes to think about why such information is not widely available. (Some hints: Pensions, Economy, Health Care System, Change of paradigms….)

When we talk about ageing we have to try to understand how the human system is working. Our body consists of approx. 70 % water and 30 % minerals. Minerals in combination with water form our bones, blood vessels, our skin, hair, tendons, cartilage, our nails. These are mineral deposits.
Our whole body is an accumulation of hundreds of billions of cells, inside and outside of the cells is water.

Ageing can be put down to 3 main biochemical factors:
1. Overacidity
2. Dehydration
3. Oxidation

And one biophysical factor: Life energy

The 3 biochemical factors make up the human “Bio terrain”. The environment in which all life processes within the human body work.

What does Overacidity mean?
The acid-alkaline balance is one important factor of the human “bio terrain”. Because our body consists mainly of water, we can measure a certain pH level. If the ph – level within our body becomes too acidic many self regulating processes in our system (like breathing, circulation, digestion, excretion, immune stability, hormone production) will get slowly out of balance.

Degenerative processes are beginning to take over (this happens slowly, often unrecognised over the years). At the same time parasites, funghies, bacterias and other pathogenic organisms have ideal breeding conditions (whereas healthy bacterias like acidophilus or bifidus prefer an alkaline environment). You might already get an idea about the importance of the acid alkaline balance!

In the worst case, one can develop an heart attack or a stroke – these are acid based catastrophes!

The human system has possibilities to avoid these catastrophes to a large extent: Acids can be neutralised!

To neutralise acids, we need minerals. And here we have two options: We can take in natural alkaline minerals with our food: herbs, organic vegetables & fruits, spices, sea vegetables and at the same time avoid sources of acids.

Or we can live a faster and unhealthy life (and definitely a shorter and more painful one) and let the body use up its own mineral resources.

The bodies mineral deposits are the
– scalp & hair
– nails
– skin
– bones
– blood vessels
– cartilage, capsules, tendons
– blood (also a buffer solution)

These mineral deposits are the pillars of our health and beauty.
They get slowly (or quickly – depending on ones behaviour or lifestyle) used up in order to neutralise acids.

This process is one of the most important factors to slow down the ageing process (and to extend health at the same time).

What is causing over acidity:
Stress, fear, anger, fermentation/decay in the colon, geopathic & electromagnetic stress, chemicals (our medicines) and most important: food

The following acids are occuring in our bodies :
– Acetic acid from sweets and white flour products
– Uric acid from consumption of meat and the breakdown of cells
– Sulphuric and nitric acid from pork and many types of cheese
– Acetylsalicylic acid from pain relievers
– Tannic and chlorogenic acid from coffee and black tea
– Lactic acid from overexertion of muscles
– Carbonic and phosphoric acid from beverages
– Nicotinic acid from smoking
– Oxalic acid from spinach or rhubarb
– Hydrochloric acid from stress fear and anger

Acids have to be continuosly neutralised otherwise we have to face a catastrophe. Minerals are used to do this job – like calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron,…

There are 55 Elements in our bodies that form these minerals (in thousands of combinations). They are occuring naturally as mineral deposits in the solid parts of our body. They also occur in natural and unprocessed foods, like herbs, fruits, vegetables, grains, spices.

If the acid is neutralised, it is not gone! It forms impurities, so called “acid salts”, which have to be deposited in different places of the body.

That is how chemistry works: If we neutralise an acid, we will get a salt and water
For example: If we neutralise Hydrochloric acid with sodium carbonate we will get salt (sodium chloride) and water. HCl + NaCOH = H2O + NaCl

The same principle is working in our bodies, but as we have already seen, there are many more acids and different minerals to neutralise these.

These salts that are formed from the neutralisation of acids are the so called impurities. These impurities are deposited in different places of the body. In the places where they are deposited we find arrays of sick or dead body cells that can not work properly anymore and they are not able to duplicate properly.

Ageing and the first steps to degenerative diseases is taking place. Where these impurities are deposited has to do with genetic predisposition and with the individual flow of life energy and geopathic stress.

The attentive reader will already recognise, that there is a lot of responsibility and freedom towards his health in his own hands.

To extend life and health we have the option to purify ourselves from inside by taking in natural foods and drinks. To do this most efficiently it is possible to individually test which minerals are involved (Bio_Resonance Test at the Sheenun House). Certain elements are involved with certain diseases, for example arthritis: Li, Ca, Mg, Cr, Sb, Hg, Ce, Cu . These 8 elements basically form the impurities of someone, who suffers from arthritis.

Other examples:
Cancer: As, Fe, Ge, Pb, Sm, Sn, Sr,Ti,Zn
Rheumatism: Br, Ce, Cr, Cs, Cu, Hg, Li, Mg, Sn, Sr
Diabetes: Au, Cr, Hf, J, La, Pt, S, Zn

On the other hand – we have different foods or herbs, that contain exactly these elements.
Beetroot: As, Ca, Co, Cs, Er, Fe, Ge, J, Li, Mg, Na, P, S, Si, Sm, Sr, Te, Zn
Aspargus: C, Cl, Fe, Ge, H, K, Mg, O, P, S, Se, Si, Zr
Onions: Cd, Cr, Cs, Cu, K,Li, Mg, P, Pt, S, Sr, Zn

These are just an example.

At the Life Centre we make up Nutrition plans for people based on this principle.
First we test the person for mineral deficiencies. We will find out for example 10 or 12 different elements that are lacking. Then we enter these elements in a computer program, and the computer prints out different vegetables, grains, salads, fruits, seeds & nuts and of course herbs that exactly contain these lacking elements.

What will happen if you follow my nutrition plan?

You will be consuming natural foods, that exactly contain the same elements which have earlier formed your impurities. That means it is possible for you to resolve your impurities and at the same time to fill up your mineral deposits. Of course this does not happen overnight and requires some discipline and dedication but the results are quite amazing and in this way we are really treating the cause of the problem and can achieve sustainable health.


This process is relatively easy to follow. If we buy an apple and leave it lying around in the kitchen for two months or more, what happens? It gets wrinkles, of course – like our grandma (though it took her longer than the apple). The apple is slowly drying out – the same applies to humans!
The water content of our bodies is decreasing, while we are ageing. When we are born, our bodies consist of approx. 85% water – in our thirties or forties it is 70%, as we grow older, it goes down to 60% percent water and even less.
What is happening?
Our body is consisting of hundreds of billions of cells. All these cells swim in water. They do not touch each other, they are swimming. Inside the cells is water as well.
Water is the environment that forms the interior of our body. Consequently any chemical reaction within the body is dependent on water.
All the nutrients, the minerals and vitamins, enzymes and proteins have to be wetted before they can be used. Hydrogen and oxygen (the two elements water is formed of) are needed for every chemical reaction in the body.

When we are younger the water inside the body cells is very fluid – reactions are happening faster. Young children for example are getting fever very quickly, because their bodies are able to react in a healthy way- they are getting fever to burn toxins – as we get older, this process does not work so well anymore – toxins (impurities) have to be dumped and our body is quickly getting overloaded with impurities.

When we get older we also loose the sensitivity for thirst – the signal that is send out by the body to get water has been ignored so often, that it is not properly working anymore. People often are not aware anymore that their bodies need water.

What then happens, when people are thirsty: they drink tea, coffee or soft drinks and beer.
Our body can’t do anything with these substances – they are actually dehydrating the system. They stimulate the kidneys to excrete more water – so we are left with a huge lack of water. But even if we drink lots of water – our body cells still dehydrate if we drink tap water with low life energy.

If you do not have access to a natural spring that provides you with water high in life energy, there are several methods of energising the water (for details you can inquire at the Sheenun House – see details below). If the water is energised, pathogenic informations in the water are deleted and the water is resembling the cellular water. This simply means our body can use this water to enter the cells, remove toxins and carry nutrients into the cells – normal tap water does not have the abilities to do this (especially not if it is poisoned with fluoride and chlorine).


We all know what oxidation is. If we bite in an apple, and leave it on the table for a couple of hours, it will appear brown – oxidation is happening. The same is happening when our car is rusting. Oxidation is a degenerative process, that happens everywhere on the planet. It happens in the soil, in the plants, in metals and of course in the human body.
Oxidation is caused by positively charged oxygen molecules. They are positively charged because they are lacking an electron. They are oxidising other substances by stealing an electron. Not only positive charged oxygen does this, there are other molecules, known as free radicals.

We can call oxidation also free radical damage.

In our body: Free radicals are positively charged molecules, highly reactive – they destroy cells by stealing their electrons – this is the oxidation that happens in our bodies. To protect ourselves from free radicals, we need antioxidants. You probably have heard this term – antioxidant – before.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E are antioxidants. It is part of their job, to act as electron donors – to give an electron for neutralising a free radical – so our cells do not need to get damaged.
Unfortunately the amounts of free radicals in the body are much higher than the amounts of antioxidants.

Where are all the free radicals coming from? Here again here we have the choice.
Toxins, chemicals, pesticides, processed foods, bad water, smoking, tea, coffee, alcohol are sources of free radicals

All pathogens (viruses, bacterias) for example work by releasing free radicals that harm the body. The chemicals that we find almost everywhere, in our household as well as in our conventional food are highly aggressive free radicals. Conventional food has been treated with fungicides, pesticides, herbicides – that means it releases large amounts of free radicals into the body. The so called cosmetic products are basically consisting of chemicals that release free radicals in the body and onto the skin. Nuclear fallout for example is highly dangerous only because it produces large amounts of free radicals in organisms.

Everything that is not natural to the body is a toxin and does cause the generation of free radicals in the body.

Biophysical Cause: Lack of life energy

The knowledge about life energy is basically as old as life its self. It has been known in all ancient cultures all over the world. It has been forgotten, because we are only focussing on phenomenon’s of the physical world. Life energy is not organised in atoms – it is non physical.

Ilya Prigogine won the Nobel Prize for discovering that living systems are self organising. In other words: every thing else in the world dissipates and goes into chaos but living systems tend to self organise.

He said, the more energy is flowing through a living system the more it becomes self organised. The more we become self organised, the younger we are.

An extreme example for what can happen if we do not get enough life energy, we can see if we look at cancer. Cancer is caused by a lack of life energy – the proliferating cancer cells are stating that self organisation has ceased to happen in the area where the cancer is.
A few years ago there where several studies on how you can slow down the ageing process with meditation. By meditation you open yourself to the flow of life energy and apart from many other spiritual benefits your system is getting better self organised and stays younger.

We have seen that the decision about health or disease is made on a cellular level.
If we provide our body cells with the right natural nutrients, antioxidants and high quality water we can naturally extend our life and increase the quality of our life by feeling vibrant and full of energy.

This is not only disease prevention, this is life extension. This will truly help us to lead sustainable lives because we will automatically start to step out of the consumer – pattern. The things that we thoughtlessly consume are those which are making us sick.
And if we feel physically brilliant we are more easily able to focus on our spiritual life and may find the source of true happiness and love (the unity with our creator and the creation).

Health is not only a physical thing, it is much more a spiritual thing. It is an old but true saying, that the body is the temple of the soul. This body is only a temporary gift – we should treat it as a gift and make use of it with care!

For more information please visit my website or or email me on or 071-9854186

Frank is a Health Researcher, Therapist and Nutritional Consultant who lives in and operates from Rossinver, Co. Leitrim. He is given talks on sustainable and holistic issues such as “The Cause of Cancer”, “Feng Shui”, “Vegetarian Opportunities”, “Electromagnetics, Mobile phones and Geopathic Stress” throughout the country.
His work is especially focussing to empower people to better health and for a more sustainable and holistic life.

He is also offering rejuvenation cures, Feng Shui Consultations and selected solutions for optimum nutrition, water preparation and antioxidants..

The Life of Food

It is the essence of life that should get our attention and appreciation. Once we have learned to focus our attention to recognise that spark of life that is penetrating the whole of creation it will come easier to us, to discern living food from dead food. Is this idea new to you? Let me point it out!

It is life energy that is providing the basis for all life forms on earth. Around us everything is alive; from the microbes in the soil, the flowers and trees, the wildlife in the water and on the land – to us humans. We have a special responsibility – we are not only part of the circle of life on earth we have the choice either to create and promote life or to destroy life with our actions. If we choose to destroy life, we will inevitably destroy ourselves sooner or later.

Regarding our food, the link to destruction is obvious: Conventional food production is based on a destructive approach towards life. The practices used in conventional agriculture serve to increase yield without regarding and promoting natural life cycles. The life in the soil gets destroyed with fertilisers and other chemicals. The wildlife and the rich varieties of herbs and plants are affected by pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. The soil is lacking essential minerals and it is lacking life. The plants that are grown with these methods are accumulating toxins from the soil and they are lacking essential minerals and vitamins – they are more dead than alive.

Any conventional food that we buy – anything that is not certified organic has been grown with these methods. If we buy these conventional products, we actively support the destruction of our planet and furthermore we actively support the destruction of our own health and our families’.

Organic agriculture and farming methods support life! Destructive chemicals are not allowed and the quality of the soil is promoted with natural fertilisers. Consequently there is a natural microbial balance in the soil and it is rich in minerals. The minerals are absorbed by the plants and the microbial balance will support the plant health and its contents of vitamins and antioxidants.

With modern methods of bio-photon research it is possible to directly evaluate the amount of life energy in a plant (or in any food product). With this method it could be proven without doubt that the amount of life energy in organically grown products is much higher than the life energy in conventional grown products. The products with the highest amount of life energy were bio dynamic products and products grown with EM (effective microorganisms).

Bio-photon research measures the light that is emitted by every living cells – these emissions are called bio-photons. This light (which can only be measured with light amplifiers) is the visible emanation of the life energy that has been known in all ancient cultures.

If we consume organic products, we do not only consume products that are richer in minerals and vitamins – we directly take in larger quantities of life force energy. It is life energy that is directing all the life processes in our billions of body cells (read more about life energy at “The Cause of Cancer” and “The Hildegard Orgon Accumulator”) and enables to promote healing processes.

If we buy an organic carrot (or any other org. veg) and put it in the fridge, the carrot is (usually) alive for several weeks – the metabolism of the carrot is still intact. If we eat this carrot it gives life to us!

If we buy organic grains (like brown rice, wheat, spelt, millet or quinoa….) we buy living products – if you put these grains in the soil, plants will grow! They are alive!! Even if we cook them there is still a lot of life energy left – it does not vanish immediately. You can’t do that with pasta or other processed products (or did you ever seen a noodle tree?) 

The products that we see in supermarkets do not deserve the term food anymore – they are just industrial products. They are lacking life and consequently they cause death and disease in the long run (see our article on “The Secret of Ageing” for details)

Living foods can be your medicine. Grains, vegetables, sprouts and herbs of organic origin are not only full of alkaline minerals and vitamins, they are full of life (energy)!

The quality of these products can even be increased by charging them with a Hildegard Orgon Accumulator!  – contact me for more information

For more information please visit my website or or email me on

Frank Albrecht is a holistic health researcher, spiritual counsellor, bio- resonance practitioner and Feng Shui consultant. He aims to help individuals to improve their health or find possible causes for diseases and treatment alternatives. To achieve this he uses individual bio-resonance testing and his skills of dowsing and Feng Shui to harmonise the living space as well.

Your Feng Shui Consultation

My Vision as an experienced Feng Shui Consultant and Dowser is to help you to create a vibrant and beautiful home.  I can help you to solve problems in your house or office, that  might have been a longterm cause for unhappiness or ill-health. I can help you to connect your living space to the all-pervading divine intelligence—providing you with strength, healing energy and balance.

The ancient Chinese called these subtle intelligent forces “Feng & Shui”. It has always been an important part of Chinese Medicine, as it was known, that you can’t regain health and inner balance, if the Feng Shui at your home is not right.

My Tools to achieve this for you are my subtle intuition to sense problematic energies and my ability to communicate with the spiritual dimensions of your living space, that allows me to access any information needed to balance your home or office. Furthermore I use techniques of dowsing and kinesiology to detect problems, as well as Bio-Resonance methods.

In my work, I use the traditional Chinese flying star calculations as well  as the Landscape- and Form School of Feng Shui.  Apart from these traditional elements, I developed a style of  Feng Shui that is especially adopted for the European living conditions.

 As living conditions are getting more stressful, we need to be able to regenerate at home and fuel ourselves with energy. One of the most vital parts of modern Feng Shui is the dealing with:


 Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) can lead to a slow but steady  decline in the health of people who are exposed to it. Due to the ever increasing amount of mobile phone masts, WLAN appliances and other electric devices the exposure rates in buildings  are constantly rising.

Scientific evidence for the health risks of EMFs are overwhelming. Geopathic Stress and EMFs are one of the main causes of serious illness and discomfort.

Following webpage shows independent research studies:


The natural vibrational patterns of the earth are distorted in many places by subterranean running water, geological faults, caves or certain natural electromagnetic grids. The effects on humans of these distorted vibrations can be regarded similar to EMFs.

House Examinations for Geopathic and Electromagnetic Stress are a vital part of each of my Feng Shui Consultations. However, they can also be booked separately.

 Your house will be checked for :

  • Geopathic stress & EMF (see below)
  • Geomantic flying star diagram  will be carried out (like a horoscope for the house)
  • Advice to create a harmonic polarity between yin and yang
  • Advice to balance 5 elements and where to place artefacts
  • Activation of the yin, yang and heart energy centre of the house
  • Investigation for spirits and space clearing if necessary.
  • EMFs (high and low frequency)
  • Geopathic stress (in detail: underground
    waterstreams, curry and global grid, underground faults, magnetic field borderlines,
    circling  fields)
  • Bio-Resonance Test with one person will be carried out to evaluate stresses
  • Different possible solutions will be discussed
  • Supplements will be advised

The Feng Shui Consultations that I carry out, always include an Examination for Geopathic and Electromagnetic stress.

The aim of Feng Shui is to balance the flow of Qi (Life Energy). No Feng Shui benefits can be accomplished, if distorted EMF or geopathic energies are not analysed and balanced (called Sha Qui in Feng Shui). (look at our website for details)

In a “Feng Shuied” House the Energy is balanced. This means, the self regenerating powers of the inhabitants are greatly strengthened. You will regain more energy and balance from your environment. This will support your whole life!

A Feng Shui Consultation is available from 
€ 600.– (price includes GS & EMF Examination and space clearing) and includes 10 to 16 pages printed report & personal advice . Short Consulatations without flying star calculations and printed report are available from € 350,- (these include a complete survey for geopathic stress and electromagnetic fields, space clearing and a check for spirits in the house).

Prices will vary according to size of the house and umber of inhabitants. Please contact me for business quotes!

A House Examination for Geopathic and Electromagnetic Stress is available from € 250.– and includes a Bio-Resonance Test.

Take your first step towards regaining your energy from a balanced and healthy environment today!

Feng Shui and the Quantum Theory !?

Feng Shui is in its basics 6000 years old. The question is, can we in our modern technological civilisation classify Feng Shui other than superstition? Or is it really possible that people 6000 years ago had the capabillity to develop a science that can match up with highly complicated physical theories of our century?

The basis on which I am writing today is the quantum theory which was developed in the beginning of the 20 th century by the nobel prize winners Max Planck and Albert Einstein.

The quantum theory recognises the quantum as smallest part of all existing matter and energy. A quantum is 10 million times smaller than the smallest atom. On this smallest level of existence, energy and matter are exchangeable. In fact matter is a form of energy, because the quantum itself can only be explained as an energy particle.

Although this knowledge now is almost 100 years old, still many people haven´t realised what it means in the end: There is no matter as such!

Anything we see, touch or smell does not exist in the way we think it would. Anything we see, touch or smell is energy. Every tree, every stone, every piece of metal or plastic is just energy in a low vibrating form. It also means in fact that everything radiates. Every material, every shape has a different frequency of vibration and radiates differently. This has an effect on us!! We are in connection and interaction with everything that surrounds us – anytime. For many of todays people, these facts are hard to understand, difficult to realise. How comes, that people 6000 years ago – a time we would often classify as primitive – knew all this? They did not know the quantum theory in detail, of course, but they knew – in developing and practising Feng Shui – the meaning of it in practical life.

That is in fact what Feng Shui is about. It wants to help us to realise that it makes a difference which shapes or materials we choose to surround us. Because every material has a different radiation. Some are enhancing our life force, some are weakening it.

How come that people these days use “dead” materials like concrete blocks, PVC window frames or petrochemical colours. These materials emit energies that weaken our life force.

How come that they print bar codes on everything we buy. A symbol (or shape) that weakens the energy of the product as well as the energy of the people who look at it.

We can look at facades of houses that weaken us because they are not built in harmony with nature.

On the other hand we can realise a building that has a harmonic shape, that expresses a form of natural rhythm, that will integrate into nature. Nature, the divine creation that does express and contain all wisdom and power that we – mankind – ever since needed to survive, to inhale, to learn and to grow.

How can we spiritually and physically grow in concrete deserts which deny all laws and wisdom that modern science as well as ancient teachings transferred us into our 21 th century. We have it all available. We just need to breath in deeply and realise.

The causes and care of cancer

Cancer. It seems like the word its self produces large shock-waves. Cancer is the most common cause of death in the industrialised countries. When diagnosed by a doctor, hearing that word feels like been given a death certificate.

Representatives of our medical system say that cancer is incurable. I claim that it is curable at almost any stage if the cause of cancer is understood and treated in the right way and if the patient has the will to survive.

If we restrict our perception to the sensations of the physical world and if we try to understand a disease like cancer with its visible symptoms only, we will never be able to undertake successful research. The nature of cancer is much easier understood as an energetic phenomenon.

With enormous effort official institutions and laboratories try to find a material agent causing cancer. They will never be successful, because there is none!

Official research is undertaken by the pharmaceutical industry that earns world wide more than 20 billion dollar with ineffective and highly dangerous treatment methods for cancer (they even dare to send people out in the street to collect money for their cancer research). Each of these treatment methods (chemotherapy, radiation treatment) is liable to cause cancer! We cannot hope to get help from that path: If any successful cure would be found and information would be officially distributed, thousands of people would loose their jobs and a whole branch of (useless) industry would be liable to collapse.

If we look at actual alternative research we will have more success in understanding cancer.

  1. Hulda Regehr Clark found out that a certain parasite (fasciolopsis buski) is always found in certain organs of patients with cancer. She also found out, that the use of products containing isopropyl – alcohol is growth-promoting for cancer.
  2. Already 50 years ago in Germany Dr. Hager was examining the beds of 5348 patients with cancer for geopathic stress. In 100% of the cases the patients where sleeping on a negative spot (waterline crossing, curry crossing, underground displacement,…)
  3. Dr. Rike Gerd Hamer found out that psychological and existential conflicts lead to cancer when the patient is resigned, isolated and dramatised by the experience. The cancer will develop in an organ where the psychological loss takes place.
  4. We know, that exposure to certain substances (asbestos, dioxins, formaldehyde) as well as exposure to radiation (radioactive, electromagnetic, UV) can lead to cancer


We have to look apparently at 4 different causes of cancer. Now, which one is right?

If we examine the research work we have to admit, that each of these four different approaches are right. But they have not found the cause of cancer, they have only pointed out, which energetic necessity can lead to cancer.

All these different aspects of cancer have one thing in common: Cancer patients always suffer from a lack of life energy (Orgon, Qi, Prana, vis vitalis,…), which manifests in a certain organ.

If we want to understand cancer, it is important to understand that matter and energy is exchangeable.

Since the discovery of the quantum theory in the beginning of last century it is clear that matter is only a form of energy (see Network 40 – Feng Shui and the Quantum Theory!).

A cancer patient has a serious lack of life energy in the organ where the cancer develops. The lacking energy is replaced with growth of matter, with cell growth. The cancer cells themselves are healthy cells but they grow out of the matrix. We can reduce this to a formula: E- = m+ [The energetic potential of the tumour material is identical with the energetic potential of the suffered loss in life energy]

If someone hurts himself, and rips off a piece of skin from his finger, after a while, the tissue and the skin will grow exactly as they were before (the relief of a fingerprint remains the same). If a woman has for example breast cancer, there is a visible tumour, which grows out of the normal shape. If she goes to the hospital, they will amputate her breast. But is an amputated breast a healed breast?

After an amputation there will often follow tumours in many other possible places. We call this metastatic invasion. It is nothing else, than the necessity of the body to form new matter (as cell growth) in the same potential of the suffered lack of energy (life-energy) to be able to survive. This can not happen anymore at the place of loss, because the breast is amputated.

Enhanced now by the fear of death, other tumours will be formed in other places of the body, the places of least resistance.

Our inadequate health system does not know any better, than to undertake chemotherapy. They hope that tissue and cells of the metastasises will be killed earlier by the drastic toxins than the normal cells. Our experience tells us, that this is a hopeless venture.

If exposed to these cell toxins, the organism has to transport all available alkaline substances, all trace elements and minerals to neutralise as many of the toxins as possible, otherwise he would die at once. That is why these patients often lose their hair within days – the scalp as mineral depot is simply emptied out! This psychological shock will only enhance the fear of death and with this fear the loss of life energy.

What we have to do to help a patient with cancer is, first of all, examine the cause for his lack of life energy. As seen above, there are a lot of different possibilities. I have made a list of the most common reasons that can lead to a loss of life energy:

Possible causes of cancer:

Carcinogenic Substances

–          nicotine
–          asbestos
–          meat
–          sausages
–          tar
–          petrochemical colours & varnishes
–          formaldehyde
–          chlorine, flouride

Geopathic Stress

–          underground waterlines
–          grid networks
–          underground displacements

Physical Causes

–          electromagnetic radiation
–          nuclear radiation
–          x – rays
–          microwaves

Psychological Causes (Dr. med. Hamer)

–          conflicts
–          loss of a person or something else which was important
–          experienced resigned, isolated, conflictive, dramatic
–          resentment, hate 
–          Fear of Death (lymphatic cancer)

Mistakes in Nutrition

–          too much meat and animal fat
–          lifeless and processed products
(toast or any white flour product, white sugar, and any products treated with chemicals (herbicides, pesticides, fungicides,…..) leads to impurities in the organism and makes liable to parasites

 Free Radicals


Having found the individual energetic necessity we have to transfer the patient into an individual energetic wellbeing. If we have done this successfully the tumours will develop back. This is painful, but it is the process of healing.

Very important measurements for cancer patients are:

 –          get your bedroom examined for geopathic stress! You can hardly regain your life energy if you are sleeping on a negative spot.

 –          Get an individual nutrition plan: The plan has to take into account the necessary detoxification from impurities which are always present in cancer patients. These impurities are mainly formed of the following elements: As, Fe, Ge, Pb, Sm, Sn, Sr, Ti, Zn.
It is important to add nutrition that especially contains these elements to your diet and alkalises the body

 –          Avoid smoking, alcohol, meat and try to get organic food (it is much richer in life energy)

 –          ORGON Accumulator (life – energy accumulator)

 –          The patient must be looked after carefully by a professional health consultant.

 –          Avoid contact with life weakening substances like petrochemical colours and varnishes and synthetic glues; and radiation like microwaves, mobile phones, x-rays, electromagnetic radiation (TV)

 –          Drink water that is free from fluoride and chlorine and other negative information.
The best would be energised water or natural spring water.

–          Get fresh clean air

–          Eventually add certain food supplements to your diet. A good vitamin C preparation (Select carefully – about 80% of the vitamin C supplements on the market do not work properly) and Lysine (best eaten in raw buckwheat – do not expose to heat)

In my weekend courses “Life Processes” I go in detail about different alternative approaches to healing cancer

 The brilliant research work that formed the basis of this article was done by Joseph Lohkämper and Peter Jentschura,  founders of the company “P. Jentschura International” in Münster, Germany. Since the beginning of the nineties they where able to help many patients with cancer.

Nutritional and energetic products from “P.Jentschura” are available by post from “TheLife Centre” – as well as individual nutrition plans and examinations for geopathic and electromagnetic stress. See for more details


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