The Life of Food

It is the essence of life that should get our attention and appreciation. Once we have learned to focus our attention to recognise that spark of life that is penetrating the whole of creation it will come easier to us, to discern living food from dead food. Is this idea new to you? Let me point it out!

It is life energy that is providing the basis for all life forms on earth. Around us everything is alive; from the microbes in the soil, the flowers and trees, the wildlife in the water and on the land – to us humans. We have a special responsibility – we are not only part of the circle of life on earth we have the choice either to create and promote life or to destroy life with our actions. If we choose to destroy life, we will inevitably destroy ourselves sooner or later.

Regarding our food, the link to destruction is obvious: Conventional food production is based on a destructive approach towards life. The practices used in conventional agriculture serve to increase yield without regarding and promoting natural life cycles. The life in the soil gets destroyed with fertilisers and other chemicals. The wildlife and the rich varieties of herbs and plants are affected by pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. The soil is lacking essential minerals and it is lacking life. The plants that are grown with these methods are accumulating toxins from the soil and they are lacking essential minerals and vitamins – they are more dead than alive.

Any conventional food that we buy – anything that is not certified organic has been grown with these methods. If we buy these conventional products, we actively support the destruction of our planet and furthermore we actively support the destruction of our own health and our families’.

Organic agriculture and farming methods support life! Destructive chemicals are not allowed and the quality of the soil is promoted with natural fertilisers. Consequently there is a natural microbial balance in the soil and it is rich in minerals. The minerals are absorbed by the plants and the microbial balance will support the plant health and its contents of vitamins and antioxidants.

With modern methods of bio-photon research it is possible to directly evaluate the amount of life energy in a plant (or in any food product). With this method it could be proven without doubt that the amount of life energy in organically grown products is much higher than the life energy in conventional grown products. The products with the highest amount of life energy were bio dynamic products and products grown with EM (effective microorganisms).

Bio-photon research measures the light that is emitted by every living cells – these emissions are called bio-photons. This light (which can only be measured with light amplifiers) is the visible emanation of the life energy that has been known in all ancient cultures.

If we consume organic products, we do not only consume products that are richer in minerals and vitamins – we directly take in larger quantities of life force energy. It is life energy that is directing all the life processes in our billions of body cells (read more about life energy at “The Cause of Cancer” and “The Hildegard Orgon Accumulator”) and enables to promote healing processes.

If we buy an organic carrot (or any other org. veg) and put it in the fridge, the carrot is (usually) alive for several weeks – the metabolism of the carrot is still intact. If we eat this carrot it gives life to us!

If we buy organic grains (like brown rice, wheat, spelt, millet or quinoa….) we buy living products – if you put these grains in the soil, plants will grow! They are alive!! Even if we cook them there is still a lot of life energy left – it does not vanish immediately. You can’t do that with pasta or other processed products (or did you ever seen a noodle tree?) 

The products that we see in supermarkets do not deserve the term food anymore – they are just industrial products. They are lacking life and consequently they cause death and disease in the long run (see our article on “The Secret of Ageing” for details)

Living foods can be your medicine. Grains, vegetables, sprouts and herbs of organic origin are not only full of alkaline minerals and vitamins, they are full of life (energy)!

The quality of these products can even be increased by charging them with a Hildegard Orgon Accumulator!  – contact me for more information

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Frank Albrecht is a holistic health researcher, spiritual counsellor, bio- resonance practitioner and Feng Shui consultant. He aims to help individuals to improve their health or find possible causes for diseases and treatment alternatives. To achieve this he uses individual bio-resonance testing and his skills of dowsing and Feng Shui to harmonise the living space as well.


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