Your Feng Shui Consultation

My Vision as an experienced Feng Shui Consultant and Dowser is to help you to create a vibrant and beautiful home.  I can help you to solve problems in your house or office, that  might have been a longterm cause for unhappiness or ill-health. I can help you to connect your living space to the all-pervading divine intelligence—providing you with strength, healing energy and balance.

The ancient Chinese called these subtle intelligent forces “Feng & Shui”. It has always been an important part of Chinese Medicine, as it was known, that you can’t regain health and inner balance, if the Feng Shui at your home is not right.

My Tools to achieve this for you are my subtle intuition to sense problematic energies and my ability to communicate with the spiritual dimensions of your living space, that allows me to access any information needed to balance your home or office. Furthermore I use techniques of dowsing and kinesiology to detect problems, as well as Bio-Resonance methods.

In my work, I use the traditional Chinese flying star calculations as well  as the Landscape- and Form School of Feng Shui.  Apart from these traditional elements, I developed a style of  Feng Shui that is especially adopted for the European living conditions.

 As living conditions are getting more stressful, we need to be able to regenerate at home and fuel ourselves with energy. One of the most vital parts of modern Feng Shui is the dealing with:


 Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) can lead to a slow but steady  decline in the health of people who are exposed to it. Due to the ever increasing amount of mobile phone masts, WLAN appliances and other electric devices the exposure rates in buildings  are constantly rising.

Scientific evidence for the health risks of EMFs are overwhelming. Geopathic Stress and EMFs are one of the main causes of serious illness and discomfort.

Following webpage shows independent research studies:


The natural vibrational patterns of the earth are distorted in many places by subterranean running water, geological faults, caves or certain natural electromagnetic grids. The effects on humans of these distorted vibrations can be regarded similar to EMFs.

House Examinations for Geopathic and Electromagnetic Stress are a vital part of each of my Feng Shui Consultations. However, they can also be booked separately.

 Your house will be checked for :

  • Geopathic stress & EMF (see below)
  • Geomantic flying star diagram  will be carried out (like a horoscope for the house)
  • Advice to create a harmonic polarity between yin and yang
  • Advice to balance 5 elements and where to place artefacts
  • Activation of the yin, yang and heart energy centre of the house
  • Investigation for spirits and space clearing if necessary.
  • EMFs (high and low frequency)
  • Geopathic stress (in detail: underground
    waterstreams, curry and global grid, underground faults, magnetic field borderlines,
    circling  fields)
  • Bio-Resonance Test with one person will be carried out to evaluate stresses
  • Different possible solutions will be discussed
  • Supplements will be advised

The Feng Shui Consultations that I carry out, always include an Examination for Geopathic and Electromagnetic stress.

The aim of Feng Shui is to balance the flow of Qi (Life Energy). No Feng Shui benefits can be accomplished, if distorted EMF or geopathic energies are not analysed and balanced (called Sha Qui in Feng Shui). (look at our website for details)

In a “Feng Shuied” House the Energy is balanced. This means, the self regenerating powers of the inhabitants are greatly strengthened. You will regain more energy and balance from your environment. This will support your whole life!

A Feng Shui Consultation is available from 
€ 600.– (price includes GS & EMF Examination and space clearing) and includes 10 to 16 pages printed report & personal advice . Short Consulatations without flying star calculations and printed report are available from € 350,- (these include a complete survey for geopathic stress and electromagnetic fields, space clearing and a check for spirits in the house).

Prices will vary according to size of the house and umber of inhabitants. Please contact me for business quotes!

A House Examination for Geopathic and Electromagnetic Stress is available from € 250.– and includes a Bio-Resonance Test.

Take your first step towards regaining your energy from a balanced and healthy environment today!


Feng Shui and the Quantum Theory !?

Feng Shui is in its basics 6000 years old. The question is, can we in our modern technological civilisation classify Feng Shui other than superstition? Or is it really possible that people 6000 years ago had the capabillity to develop a science that can match up with highly complicated physical theories of our century?

The basis on which I am writing today is the quantum theory which was developed in the beginning of the 20 th century by the nobel prize winners Max Planck and Albert Einstein.

The quantum theory recognises the quantum as smallest part of all existing matter and energy. A quantum is 10 million times smaller than the smallest atom. On this smallest level of existence, energy and matter are exchangeable. In fact matter is a form of energy, because the quantum itself can only be explained as an energy particle.

Although this knowledge now is almost 100 years old, still many people haven´t realised what it means in the end: There is no matter as such!

Anything we see, touch or smell does not exist in the way we think it would. Anything we see, touch or smell is energy. Every tree, every stone, every piece of metal or plastic is just energy in a low vibrating form. It also means in fact that everything radiates. Every material, every shape has a different frequency of vibration and radiates differently. This has an effect on us!! We are in connection and interaction with everything that surrounds us – anytime. For many of todays people, these facts are hard to understand, difficult to realise. How comes, that people 6000 years ago – a time we would often classify as primitive – knew all this? They did not know the quantum theory in detail, of course, but they knew – in developing and practising Feng Shui – the meaning of it in practical life.

That is in fact what Feng Shui is about. It wants to help us to realise that it makes a difference which shapes or materials we choose to surround us. Because every material has a different radiation. Some are enhancing our life force, some are weakening it.

How come that people these days use “dead” materials like concrete blocks, PVC window frames or petrochemical colours. These materials emit energies that weaken our life force.

How come that they print bar codes on everything we buy. A symbol (or shape) that weakens the energy of the product as well as the energy of the people who look at it.

We can look at facades of houses that weaken us because they are not built in harmony with nature.

On the other hand we can realise a building that has a harmonic shape, that expresses a form of natural rhythm, that will integrate into nature. Nature, the divine creation that does express and contain all wisdom and power that we – mankind – ever since needed to survive, to inhale, to learn and to grow.

How can we spiritually and physically grow in concrete deserts which deny all laws and wisdom that modern science as well as ancient teachings transferred us into our 21 th century. We have it all available. We just need to breath in deeply and realise.