The causes and care of cancer

Cancer. It seems like the word its self produces large shock-waves. Cancer is the most common cause of death in the industrialised countries. When diagnosed by a doctor, hearing that word feels like been given a death certificate.

Representatives of our medical system say that cancer is incurable. I claim that it is curable at almost any stage if the cause of cancer is understood and treated in the right way and if the patient has the will to survive.

If we restrict our perception to the sensations of the physical world and if we try to understand a disease like cancer with its visible symptoms only, we will never be able to undertake successful research. The nature of cancer is much easier understood as an energetic phenomenon.

With enormous effort official institutions and laboratories try to find a material agent causing cancer. They will never be successful, because there is none!

Official research is undertaken by the pharmaceutical industry that earns world wide more than 20 billion dollar with ineffective and highly dangerous treatment methods for cancer (they even dare to send people out in the street to collect money for their cancer research). Each of these treatment methods (chemotherapy, radiation treatment) is liable to cause cancer! We cannot hope to get help from that path: If any successful cure would be found and information would be officially distributed, thousands of people would loose their jobs and a whole branch of (useless) industry would be liable to collapse.

If we look at actual alternative research we will have more success in understanding cancer.

  1. Hulda Regehr Clark found out that a certain parasite (fasciolopsis buski) is always found in certain organs of patients with cancer. She also found out, that the use of products containing isopropyl – alcohol is growth-promoting for cancer.
  2. Already 50 years ago in Germany Dr. Hager was examining the beds of 5348 patients with cancer for geopathic stress. In 100% of the cases the patients where sleeping on a negative spot (waterline crossing, curry crossing, underground displacement,…)
  3. Dr. Rike Gerd Hamer found out that psychological and existential conflicts lead to cancer when the patient is resigned, isolated and dramatised by the experience. The cancer will develop in an organ where the psychological loss takes place.
  4. We know, that exposure to certain substances (asbestos, dioxins, formaldehyde) as well as exposure to radiation (radioactive, electromagnetic, UV) can lead to cancer


We have to look apparently at 4 different causes of cancer. Now, which one is right?

If we examine the research work we have to admit, that each of these four different approaches are right. But they have not found the cause of cancer, they have only pointed out, which energetic necessity can lead to cancer.

All these different aspects of cancer have one thing in common: Cancer patients always suffer from a lack of life energy (Orgon, Qi, Prana, vis vitalis,…), which manifests in a certain organ.

If we want to understand cancer, it is important to understand that matter and energy is exchangeable.

Since the discovery of the quantum theory in the beginning of last century it is clear that matter is only a form of energy (see Network 40 – Feng Shui and the Quantum Theory!).

A cancer patient has a serious lack of life energy in the organ where the cancer develops. The lacking energy is replaced with growth of matter, with cell growth. The cancer cells themselves are healthy cells but they grow out of the matrix. We can reduce this to a formula: E- = m+ [The energetic potential of the tumour material is identical with the energetic potential of the suffered loss in life energy]

If someone hurts himself, and rips off a piece of skin from his finger, after a while, the tissue and the skin will grow exactly as they were before (the relief of a fingerprint remains the same). If a woman has for example breast cancer, there is a visible tumour, which grows out of the normal shape. If she goes to the hospital, they will amputate her breast. But is an amputated breast a healed breast?

After an amputation there will often follow tumours in many other possible places. We call this metastatic invasion. It is nothing else, than the necessity of the body to form new matter (as cell growth) in the same potential of the suffered lack of energy (life-energy) to be able to survive. This can not happen anymore at the place of loss, because the breast is amputated.

Enhanced now by the fear of death, other tumours will be formed in other places of the body, the places of least resistance.

Our inadequate health system does not know any better, than to undertake chemotherapy. They hope that tissue and cells of the metastasises will be killed earlier by the drastic toxins than the normal cells. Our experience tells us, that this is a hopeless venture.

If exposed to these cell toxins, the organism has to transport all available alkaline substances, all trace elements and minerals to neutralise as many of the toxins as possible, otherwise he would die at once. That is why these patients often lose their hair within days – the scalp as mineral depot is simply emptied out! This psychological shock will only enhance the fear of death and with this fear the loss of life energy.

What we have to do to help a patient with cancer is, first of all, examine the cause for his lack of life energy. As seen above, there are a lot of different possibilities. I have made a list of the most common reasons that can lead to a loss of life energy:

Possible causes of cancer:

Carcinogenic Substances

–          nicotine
–          asbestos
–          meat
–          sausages
–          tar
–          petrochemical colours & varnishes
–          formaldehyde
–          chlorine, flouride

Geopathic Stress

–          underground waterlines
–          grid networks
–          underground displacements

Physical Causes

–          electromagnetic radiation
–          nuclear radiation
–          x – rays
–          microwaves

Psychological Causes (Dr. med. Hamer)

–          conflicts
–          loss of a person or something else which was important
–          experienced resigned, isolated, conflictive, dramatic
–          resentment, hate 
–          Fear of Death (lymphatic cancer)

Mistakes in Nutrition

–          too much meat and animal fat
–          lifeless and processed products
(toast or any white flour product, white sugar, and any products treated with chemicals (herbicides, pesticides, fungicides,…..) leads to impurities in the organism and makes liable to parasites

 Free Radicals


Having found the individual energetic necessity we have to transfer the patient into an individual energetic wellbeing. If we have done this successfully the tumours will develop back. This is painful, but it is the process of healing.

Very important measurements for cancer patients are:

 –          get your bedroom examined for geopathic stress! You can hardly regain your life energy if you are sleeping on a negative spot.

 –          Get an individual nutrition plan: The plan has to take into account the necessary detoxification from impurities which are always present in cancer patients. These impurities are mainly formed of the following elements: As, Fe, Ge, Pb, Sm, Sn, Sr, Ti, Zn.
It is important to add nutrition that especially contains these elements to your diet and alkalises the body

 –          Avoid smoking, alcohol, meat and try to get organic food (it is much richer in life energy)

 –          ORGON Accumulator (life – energy accumulator)

 –          The patient must be looked after carefully by a professional health consultant.

 –          Avoid contact with life weakening substances like petrochemical colours and varnishes and synthetic glues; and radiation like microwaves, mobile phones, x-rays, electromagnetic radiation (TV)

 –          Drink water that is free from fluoride and chlorine and other negative information.
The best would be energised water or natural spring water.

–          Get fresh clean air

–          Eventually add certain food supplements to your diet. A good vitamin C preparation (Select carefully – about 80% of the vitamin C supplements on the market do not work properly) and Lysine (best eaten in raw buckwheat – do not expose to heat)

In my weekend courses “Life Processes” I go in detail about different alternative approaches to healing cancer

 The brilliant research work that formed the basis of this article was done by Joseph Lohkämper and Peter Jentschura,  founders of the company “P. Jentschura International” in Münster, Germany. Since the beginning of the nineties they where able to help many patients with cancer.

Nutritional and energetic products from “P.Jentschura” are available by post from “TheLife Centre” – as well as individual nutrition plans and examinations for geopathic and electromagnetic stress. See for more details



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