About Frank Albrecht

-Workshop leader, Holistic healer

Frank Albrecht was born in Munich and lives in Ireland since 2000. He works as Holistic Health Researcher and undertakes biophysical research to discover the underlying principles of human health and disease. In contrary to conventional medicine, his focus is not the study of diseases but the detailed comprehension of health and the conditions that lead towards health. 
Frank believes that incurable diseases do not exist. It is our misunderstanding about the biochemical, biophysical and spiritual aspects of the human system that prevent the cure of serious illnesses.

One main focus of his work is to unite science and spirituality. He believes there is no real science without the underlying understanding of the spiritual realms. 

Spiritual practice and purification strongly increased his perception of the life giving energy in natural food and also refined his awareness of both destructive and healing energies that can be prevalent in houses. This awareness helps him to base his work predominatly on personal experience instead of pure theory. He considers that personal experience is the only source of true knowledge and the best verification about any theoretical teachings.

Frank also works as a Feng Shui consultant, spiritual counsellor, dowser, Bio-Resonance practitioner and nutritional consultant. He aims to help individuals to improve their health, slow down the ageing process or find possible causes for diseases and treatment alternatives. To achieve this he uses individual bio-resonance testing and his skills of dowsing and communicating with the spiritual realms. He also works with Feng Shui to harmonise the living space. His websites are: www.thelife.ie, www.stopageing.com and www.lifeprocesses.org (to be launched in 2011).



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