The Secret of NOT Ageing

Or how to treat and prevent all degenerative diseases!

The Secret of Ageing has been a subject of research and speculations probably as long as mankind has been sharing planet earth. Ageing is a natural factor which can be observed in all forms of material life – but it is a factor that can be directed to one way or the other. The human potential is to stay alive and healthy for up to 140 years – many researchers agree on this term.

Why is nobody in our western culture actually reaching this age and why are people ageing so fast and dying of degenerative diseases that could be avoided? These questions will be answered on the next pages!

You might think this can’t be true – why is it not in the media if this is known? Before you start reading just take 2 minutes to think about why such information is not widely available. (Some hints: Pensions, Economy, Health Care System, Change of paradigms….)

When we talk about ageing we have to try to understand how the human system is working. Our body consists of approx. 70 % water and 30 % minerals. Minerals in combination with water form our bones, blood vessels, our skin, hair, tendons, cartilage, our nails. These are mineral deposits.
Our whole body is an accumulation of hundreds of billions of cells, inside and outside of the cells is water.

Ageing can be put down to 3 main biochemical factors:
1. Overacidity
2. Dehydration
3. Oxidation

And one biophysical factor: Life energy

The 3 biochemical factors make up the human “Bio terrain”. The environment in which all life processes within the human body work.

What does Overacidity mean?
The acid-alkaline balance is one important factor of the human “bio terrain”. Because our body consists mainly of water, we can measure a certain pH level. If the ph – level within our body becomes too acidic many self regulating processes in our system (like breathing, circulation, digestion, excretion, immune stability, hormone production) will get slowly out of balance.

Degenerative processes are beginning to take over (this happens slowly, often unrecognised over the years). At the same time parasites, funghies, bacterias and other pathogenic organisms have ideal breeding conditions (whereas healthy bacterias like acidophilus or bifidus prefer an alkaline environment). You might already get an idea about the importance of the acid alkaline balance!

In the worst case, one can develop an heart attack or a stroke – these are acid based catastrophes!

The human system has possibilities to avoid these catastrophes to a large extent: Acids can be neutralised!

To neutralise acids, we need minerals. And here we have two options: We can take in natural alkaline minerals with our food: herbs, organic vegetables & fruits, spices, sea vegetables and at the same time avoid sources of acids.

Or we can live a faster and unhealthy life (and definitely a shorter and more painful one) and let the body use up its own mineral resources.

The bodies mineral deposits are the
– scalp & hair
– nails
– skin
– bones
– blood vessels
– cartilage, capsules, tendons
– blood (also a buffer solution)

These mineral deposits are the pillars of our health and beauty.
They get slowly (or quickly – depending on ones behaviour or lifestyle) used up in order to neutralise acids.

This process is one of the most important factors to slow down the ageing process (and to extend health at the same time).

What is causing over acidity:
Stress, fear, anger, fermentation/decay in the colon, geopathic & electromagnetic stress, chemicals (our medicines) and most important: food

The following acids are occuring in our bodies :
– Acetic acid from sweets and white flour products
– Uric acid from consumption of meat and the breakdown of cells
– Sulphuric and nitric acid from pork and many types of cheese
– Acetylsalicylic acid from pain relievers
– Tannic and chlorogenic acid from coffee and black tea
– Lactic acid from overexertion of muscles
– Carbonic and phosphoric acid from beverages
– Nicotinic acid from smoking
– Oxalic acid from spinach or rhubarb
– Hydrochloric acid from stress fear and anger

Acids have to be continuosly neutralised otherwise we have to face a catastrophe. Minerals are used to do this job – like calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron,…

There are 55 Elements in our bodies that form these minerals (in thousands of combinations). They are occuring naturally as mineral deposits in the solid parts of our body. They also occur in natural and unprocessed foods, like herbs, fruits, vegetables, grains, spices.

If the acid is neutralised, it is not gone! It forms impurities, so called “acid salts”, which have to be deposited in different places of the body.

That is how chemistry works: If we neutralise an acid, we will get a salt and water
For example: If we neutralise Hydrochloric acid with sodium carbonate we will get salt (sodium chloride) and water. HCl + NaCOH = H2O + NaCl

The same principle is working in our bodies, but as we have already seen, there are many more acids and different minerals to neutralise these.

These salts that are formed from the neutralisation of acids are the so called impurities. These impurities are deposited in different places of the body. In the places where they are deposited we find arrays of sick or dead body cells that can not work properly anymore and they are not able to duplicate properly.

Ageing and the first steps to degenerative diseases is taking place. Where these impurities are deposited has to do with genetic predisposition and with the individual flow of life energy and geopathic stress.

The attentive reader will already recognise, that there is a lot of responsibility and freedom towards his health in his own hands.

To extend life and health we have the option to purify ourselves from inside by taking in natural foods and drinks. To do this most efficiently it is possible to individually test which minerals are involved (Bio_Resonance Test at the Sheenun House). Certain elements are involved with certain diseases, for example arthritis: Li, Ca, Mg, Cr, Sb, Hg, Ce, Cu . These 8 elements basically form the impurities of someone, who suffers from arthritis.

Other examples:
Cancer: As, Fe, Ge, Pb, Sm, Sn, Sr,Ti,Zn
Rheumatism: Br, Ce, Cr, Cs, Cu, Hg, Li, Mg, Sn, Sr
Diabetes: Au, Cr, Hf, J, La, Pt, S, Zn

On the other hand – we have different foods or herbs, that contain exactly these elements.
Beetroot: As, Ca, Co, Cs, Er, Fe, Ge, J, Li, Mg, Na, P, S, Si, Sm, Sr, Te, Zn
Aspargus: C, Cl, Fe, Ge, H, K, Mg, O, P, S, Se, Si, Zr
Onions: Cd, Cr, Cs, Cu, K,Li, Mg, P, Pt, S, Sr, Zn

These are just an example.

At the Life Centre we make up Nutrition plans for people based on this principle.
First we test the person for mineral deficiencies. We will find out for example 10 or 12 different elements that are lacking. Then we enter these elements in a computer program, and the computer prints out different vegetables, grains, salads, fruits, seeds & nuts and of course herbs that exactly contain these lacking elements.

What will happen if you follow my nutrition plan?

You will be consuming natural foods, that exactly contain the same elements which have earlier formed your impurities. That means it is possible for you to resolve your impurities and at the same time to fill up your mineral deposits. Of course this does not happen overnight and requires some discipline and dedication but the results are quite amazing and in this way we are really treating the cause of the problem and can achieve sustainable health.


This process is relatively easy to follow. If we buy an apple and leave it lying around in the kitchen for two months or more, what happens? It gets wrinkles, of course – like our grandma (though it took her longer than the apple). The apple is slowly drying out – the same applies to humans!
The water content of our bodies is decreasing, while we are ageing. When we are born, our bodies consist of approx. 85% water – in our thirties or forties it is 70%, as we grow older, it goes down to 60% percent water and even less.
What is happening?
Our body is consisting of hundreds of billions of cells. All these cells swim in water. They do not touch each other, they are swimming. Inside the cells is water as well.
Water is the environment that forms the interior of our body. Consequently any chemical reaction within the body is dependent on water.
All the nutrients, the minerals and vitamins, enzymes and proteins have to be wetted before they can be used. Hydrogen and oxygen (the two elements water is formed of) are needed for every chemical reaction in the body.

When we are younger the water inside the body cells is very fluid – reactions are happening faster. Young children for example are getting fever very quickly, because their bodies are able to react in a healthy way- they are getting fever to burn toxins – as we get older, this process does not work so well anymore – toxins (impurities) have to be dumped and our body is quickly getting overloaded with impurities.

When we get older we also loose the sensitivity for thirst – the signal that is send out by the body to get water has been ignored so often, that it is not properly working anymore. People often are not aware anymore that their bodies need water.

What then happens, when people are thirsty: they drink tea, coffee or soft drinks and beer.
Our body can’t do anything with these substances – they are actually dehydrating the system. They stimulate the kidneys to excrete more water – so we are left with a huge lack of water. But even if we drink lots of water – our body cells still dehydrate if we drink tap water with low life energy.

If you do not have access to a natural spring that provides you with water high in life energy, there are several methods of energising the water (for details you can inquire at the Sheenun House – see details below). If the water is energised, pathogenic informations in the water are deleted and the water is resembling the cellular water. This simply means our body can use this water to enter the cells, remove toxins and carry nutrients into the cells – normal tap water does not have the abilities to do this (especially not if it is poisoned with fluoride and chlorine).


We all know what oxidation is. If we bite in an apple, and leave it on the table for a couple of hours, it will appear brown – oxidation is happening. The same is happening when our car is rusting. Oxidation is a degenerative process, that happens everywhere on the planet. It happens in the soil, in the plants, in metals and of course in the human body.
Oxidation is caused by positively charged oxygen molecules. They are positively charged because they are lacking an electron. They are oxidising other substances by stealing an electron. Not only positive charged oxygen does this, there are other molecules, known as free radicals.

We can call oxidation also free radical damage.

In our body: Free radicals are positively charged molecules, highly reactive – they destroy cells by stealing their electrons – this is the oxidation that happens in our bodies. To protect ourselves from free radicals, we need antioxidants. You probably have heard this term – antioxidant – before.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E are antioxidants. It is part of their job, to act as electron donors – to give an electron for neutralising a free radical – so our cells do not need to get damaged.
Unfortunately the amounts of free radicals in the body are much higher than the amounts of antioxidants.

Where are all the free radicals coming from? Here again here we have the choice.
Toxins, chemicals, pesticides, processed foods, bad water, smoking, tea, coffee, alcohol are sources of free radicals

All pathogens (viruses, bacterias) for example work by releasing free radicals that harm the body. The chemicals that we find almost everywhere, in our household as well as in our conventional food are highly aggressive free radicals. Conventional food has been treated with fungicides, pesticides, herbicides – that means it releases large amounts of free radicals into the body. The so called cosmetic products are basically consisting of chemicals that release free radicals in the body and onto the skin. Nuclear fallout for example is highly dangerous only because it produces large amounts of free radicals in organisms.

Everything that is not natural to the body is a toxin and does cause the generation of free radicals in the body.

Biophysical Cause: Lack of life energy

The knowledge about life energy is basically as old as life its self. It has been known in all ancient cultures all over the world. It has been forgotten, because we are only focussing on phenomenon’s of the physical world. Life energy is not organised in atoms – it is non physical.

Ilya Prigogine won the Nobel Prize for discovering that living systems are self organising. In other words: every thing else in the world dissipates and goes into chaos but living systems tend to self organise.

He said, the more energy is flowing through a living system the more it becomes self organised. The more we become self organised, the younger we are.

An extreme example for what can happen if we do not get enough life energy, we can see if we look at cancer. Cancer is caused by a lack of life energy – the proliferating cancer cells are stating that self organisation has ceased to happen in the area where the cancer is.
A few years ago there where several studies on how you can slow down the ageing process with meditation. By meditation you open yourself to the flow of life energy and apart from many other spiritual benefits your system is getting better self organised and stays younger.

We have seen that the decision about health or disease is made on a cellular level.
If we provide our body cells with the right natural nutrients, antioxidants and high quality water we can naturally extend our life and increase the quality of our life by feeling vibrant and full of energy.

This is not only disease prevention, this is life extension. This will truly help us to lead sustainable lives because we will automatically start to step out of the consumer – pattern. The things that we thoughtlessly consume are those which are making us sick.
And if we feel physically brilliant we are more easily able to focus on our spiritual life and may find the source of true happiness and love (the unity with our creator and the creation).

Health is not only a physical thing, it is much more a spiritual thing. It is an old but true saying, that the body is the temple of the soul. This body is only a temporary gift – we should treat it as a gift and make use of it with care!

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Frank is a Health Researcher, Therapist and Nutritional Consultant who lives in and operates from Rossinver, Co. Leitrim. He is given talks on sustainable and holistic issues such as “The Cause of Cancer”, “Feng Shui”, “Vegetarian Opportunities”, “Electromagnetics, Mobile phones and Geopathic Stress” throughout the country.
His work is especially focussing to empower people to better health and for a more sustainable and holistic life.

He is also offering rejuvenation cures, Feng Shui Consultations and selected solutions for optimum nutrition, water preparation and antioxidants..