The wrong paradigm in our current medical system

Some people in this country are not happy with the medical system, because of long waiting lists and not enough hospital places. Apart from that many people still believe in modern medicine which is based on chemically produced drugs, surgeries and the performance of modern, expensive technical devices.

It is also based on the analytical knowledge of about over 30.000 different diseases and specialised knowledge in anatomy, physiology and pathology. If we look at these facts for a moment, it seems to be quite alright, it seems to be the way we have to follow if we want to be healthy – we have to fight the disease!?

There is a question mark at the end of the last sentence for a reason. If you continue reading this article conscientiously, you will notice, that it is not the right way to follow – because it is based on a wrong paradigm, a wrong way of thinking.

Let us examine first, how this type of medical system – which is spread now all over Europe, the United States and many other countries – came into existence. The scientific background for our medical system started early in the last century in Germany – at the University of Berlin.

One important pillar is the so called “receptor theory” by the German pathologist Paul Ehrlich. The theory says, that to transmit signals (information) in a biological environment (in the human system) we need messenger molecules.  These messenger molecules will be chemically bound to the so called receptor (receptor is an element of the cell membrane). Through this bondage with the messenger molecule there will be certain reactions following within the cell.  The receptor and the messenger molecule have to fit to each other like a lock and a key.

This is the knowledge that is applied in each of to days medications. These messenger molecules are chemically produced in chemistry laboratories. These chemically produced substances have a strong impact on our life. Firstly, these medications do what they are supposed to do – they repair only the symptom of a disease. If that has happened, the chemical substance is still in our bodies.

Unfortunately our body only accepts natural substances like herbs or natural foods as health supporting. A chemical preparation as sold in every pharmacy is acting as a toxin within the body. This is what official medicine simply names side effects.

This kind of medicine does of course have its legitimacy – in emergency cases for example.

If we look back in history: This medical theory was soon put into practise with the support of the chemical industry and plenty of official institutions.  Until today it is the only officially accepted medicine – still supported by the World Health Organisation, The American Medical Association and The Food and Drug Administration and other such like institutions throughout the world. For the upcoming chemical industry at that time, the discovery was a guarantee for a huge rise in income. Through their economic power and influence on media and politics, many other efficient natural therapies have been forgotten or discredited.

What Paul Ehrlich who discovered this medicinal concept did next: he claimed, that substances are only effective if they will be bound to the receptor of the cell. He established a paradigm which is widely accepted still today – but it is a wrong paradigm.

It happens very often: if someone is making an important discovery, he often thinks that he is exclusively entitled to the truth. Paul Ehrlich formulated the sentence: “Corpora non agunt nisi fixata”, which means: substances are only effective if they are chemically bound. Latest research as well as our knowledge about the proven efficiency of alternative treatments like homeopathy, Bio-Resonance, Bach flower have unquestionably shown  the opposite. The research work of Prof. Fritz Albert Popp (Biophoton research – Germany), has shown that the most important factor for health in the human system is life energy (also known as vital energy, orgon energy).

These facts have been known in chinese and indian medicine for several thousands of years. Maybe we should have listened to these old traditions earlier? With the scientific evidence of Biophoton reasearch most of the alternative and complementary treatments get a scientific background which can not be doubted anymore.

Returning to our official medicine now, the whole concept of medical science is still based on a purely materialistic view of life. Medical scientists are still working with a model of reality that has been disproven already 1905 with Einsteins theory of relativity and the description of electromagnetic waves.

Medical science is still based on a concept of

  1. Materialism
  2. Mechanism
  3. Reductionism

In this concept spiritual and material (physical) levels of existence are completely divided from each other. The physical universe is assumed to be like a machine and living beings are understood as “body machines”. According to this view, soul, spirit and feeling has nothing to do with the body. The basis of our medical system (Paul Ehrlichs theory)  only includes the physical aspects of our bodies.

The mechanistic view of this conception (also known as the kartesian conception of the universe) assumes the universe runs like clockwork – in which all occurrences follow an exact and linear law. The importance of measurements and standardizations in our society and in our medical system is a result of this view.

In medicine we try to standardize figures for blood pressure, cholesterol, pulse, urine as well as nutritional values for our food. Funnily enough these standardized figures vary from institution to institution up to 1000%. If you wanted to take notice of these standardizations you would have to change your diet every 4 weeks.

According to the reductionist view, our physical world is built of tiny separate particles which form larger entities – the atoms. The assumption of the atom as smallest particle of matter is still the basis of our modern biological and medical science. Usual analytic procedures in science split the object of examination into small particles which will be examined separate from each other.

Very often these results are overvalued and scientists loose the overview about the overall correlation. One example among thousands is the fact that scientists have found one substance in tomatoes that works against cancer. As result some scientists recommend tomatoes for cancer patients.

If modern science would act from a holistic point of view instead of a reductionist view, they would have noticed, that the tomato is actually disturbing cell regulation and as such is promoting cancer. This can be found out with a holistic biophysical test method – a bio resonance test.

The reductionist view in medicinal science has led to a specialization. For almost every symptom of a disease there is a different specialist. In spite of all the reductionist knowledge chronic diseases are spreading more and more in our western civilization. Obviously health and disease can not be comprehended in a reductionist manner.

The good news is, that the cartesian conception of the universe has been brought to fall already more then 90 years ago with Einsteins theory of relativity and the description of electromagnetic waves. (Not many people seem to have noticed it – not the medical scientists anyway).

Einstein showed us, that Space and time are not fixed and mechanical entities but they represent a dynamic correlation. Time is not absolute: one hour on earth and one hour in a supersonic aircraft is not the same. Although the space is relative in contradiction to the statements in the kartesian conception of the universe.

The absolute unchanging nature of space and time was for Descartes and Newton the foundation for their conception that presents the universe as a big machine which acts mechanistically.. But if space and time do not act mechanistically, there can be nothing in this universe that acts mechanistically because the universe is bound to space and time. That means, that the mechanic aspect of the kartesian conception is disproofed since 1905.

Einstein & Max Planck have also proved that matter is not consisting of small particles (atoms). On a much smaller level every atom is consisting of millions of quantums, which are not particles any more. Quantums are states of energy similar to light (photons). As such we have to accept that matter does not exist in the way we naturally take it for granted. Matter can be described as frozen light or low vibrating energy. Our planet as well as the whole universe (including ourselves) can be realistically seen as an interweaved organic network of energies.

If medical science is only investigating the material (bio chemical) aspect of life, we have to conclude that this is purely ignorant towards the discoveries of modern physics and not suitable anymore to form the theoretical basis of our health system. (Most scientific research is actually carried out on dead bodies – how will this lead to an understanding of life, if life has already left the object of examination??), 

I think the paragraphs above make it quite obvious for everybody, that the whole basis of our medical system is a wrong assumption about the reality of life. The kartesian system is completely insufficient to explain the laws of life & the laws of the universe. If we do not understand the laws of life, it is obviously difficult to establish a system that helps to support and create health for everybody.

Let us now give some light how the actual situation is presently in Europe and America:

–          The side effects of medical drugs are the third most common cause of death in America & Europe
(this figure has been evaluated by the World Health Organisation)

–          It is a proven fact since 20 years, that arteriosclerosis and most other cardiovascular diseases are reversible, just by giving the right combination of vitamins and minerals.
In spite of the presence of hundreds of pages of clinical evidence on the internet, our medical system is continuing to undertake expensive and ineffective bypass operations and using beta blockers & diuretics with serious side effects.

–          Most of the degenerative diseases like alzheimer´s, osteoporosis, arthritis and cancer can be treated far more successfully with alternative methods, taking in account the nutritional based causes.

–          With the aid of EU laws and national legislation, the pharmaceutical industry (which is earning billions of dollars every year with their “side-effective” drugs) tries to suppress access to the free choice of vitamins & herbs for the public. Recent EU laws seem to be the last attempt of this industry branch to keep the medical system in the fairway of their health damaging machinations.

–          In fact our medical system is not offering therapies. The word “therapy” comes from the Greek and means: creating order. By far the majority of the medical drugs used as therapy from our official system is creating disorder in the body.  

This article is not intending to discredit GP´s. Most GP´s are only victims of the present situation, as patients are. Nevertheless a responsible GP will learn about alternative therapies and will apply them in his clinic, if he is ethically minded.

So far this article might leave a sense of depression and helplessness for some of the readers. This is certainly not the intention of the author and I think there are better ways of facing problems than to put the heads in the sand and to accept given conditions without argument.

Several things you can do, if you are not happy with the situation:

–          copy this article and give it to your friends and neighbours

–          talk to your health insurance and ask them why they do not pay for alternative treatments
(the argument that its effectiveness is not scientifically proven is wrong since the work of Prof. Fritz Albert Popp.) The more people ask, the more official institutions have to think about it, and come up with a solution.

–          Collect signatures that state your discontent about a medical system and a health insurance that does not offer (or pay for) therapies without side effects.

–          Take on responsibility for your own health. Get informed about alternative treatments and causes of health problems (nutrition !!). Do not leave responsibility for such an important thing as your health to others (your GP or Health Consultant can give advice – decisions should be made by yourself)

I hope to be able soon to write another article about necessary steps & procedures in alternative & natural treatments to be able to provide therapies that are not only free from side effects, but also highly efficient in counteracting any form of health problem. A holistic natural therapy always wants to support health instead of fighting against a disease. If we create a sane and natural environment, there is not much room for  disease anymore.

Frank Albrecht is an independent Health Researcher & Consultant, Feng Shui Consultant and Nutritional Consultant practising at THELIFE – Centre in Rossinver, Co. Leitrim. 
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