The Principles of Life – new Life Processes course

The New Science of Health and Longevity

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Doesn’t it sound like a fairytale: Once upon a time there was a society that forgot the meaning of divine unity through body, mind and soul. They forgot the universal laws of life, the true meaning of health, and they forgot that disease as such does not exist. They started to believe in sicknesses, in “conditions”, and started to accept that they have an illness and that they need to go to specialists. They had forgotten that god created life simple and that all life on earth follows the same universal laws. They had forgotten his laws because they had created their own science that excluded divinity from their lives.

They gave all their responsibility away, ate toxic food and forgot the sacredness of life which is reflected in the way we deal with our land and our bodies. They also did not understand to create a living space that can heal them, so they lived in houses that weakened them and made things even worse.

When did this all happen? It is happening now – this is the fairytale of our contemporary western society. We live in a reality where most of humanity suffers from serious illnesses during their lives, entirely through self-inflicted causes of life-style and nutrition – due to lack of awareness, unwillingness to change and misleading information from mainstream health services and media. Most of us are still stuck in wrong belief patterns when it comes to understanding our health and how our body works. 

We live in a time of transformation. Old structures, patterns and belief systems are destroyed to make space for the light of divine consciousness to manifest in all areas of life. Traditional and conservative understanding of Health and Disease also falls apart and needs to be replaced like all other rigid forms in life and society. A higher consciousness can lead us to a comprehension that gives light to total healing, rejuvenation and possibilities of longevity that have not been known in past decades.

In my weekend courses “Life Processes – The Principles of Life”, I give inspiration to deepen your insight that you can heal yourself from any disease and even go further to reverse the decay of the body – without the help of conventional doctors, dangerous drugs and a profit driven medical system.

In reality incurable diseases do not exist. It is only our misunderstanding about the biochemical and biophysical aspects of the human system and our unwillingness to address causes and make necessary changes in our life, which prevents the healing of serious illnesses.

The common concept about Health and Disease which is presented to us through the media and our health system is unsatisfactory and even false. It is based on a scientifically wrong paradigm and a worldview that does not integrate the energetic and spiritual levels of existence.

We need a new science based on the understanding of the sacredness of all life.

Life Processes – this term includes all laws, principles and processes that are the basis for all life on earth.

All processes within living organisms are subject to the same laws, whether it concerns plant, animal or humans. Life processes – the principles of life are as old as life itself. Unfortunately today they are not known to us anymore, although they are divinely encoded within each living organism and thus, could be discovered, decoded and understood. We have lost the ability to think about life in a holistic, all inclusive way – instead we try to specialize and loose the context of understanding life’s principles.

Life processes – the biophysical, biochemical and spiritual laws of life are simple and complex at the same time, they are obvious and hidden, they are physical, energetic and spiritual, harmonic and rhythmic like music – they are colourful and alive like life itself. If we would succeed to understand and use these laws again, it would have profound and healing consequences – not just for all those who are ill and suffering but for all life on planet earth.

If we are interested in healing ourselves and the earth, our first step is to gain knowledge about the laws of life and health.

What could help us better than an indebt, loving understanding of all those principles of life on this planet? An understanding that permits us to re-establish health and harmony with simple means – within us and around us. A comprehension that helps us to treat all those diseases successfully which are today falsely classified as incurable. An understanding that permits us to interact with nature to bring about not only an unbelievable abundance of agricultural yields but also stable ecological systems and a regeneration of the physical, energetic and spiritual systems in nature. All this is possible and it is at our hands.

In my weekend courses I explain Life processes in the human system and how healing and rejuvenation is possible for everyone who applies this knowledge in daily life. I do also explain why contemporary western medicine seems to never get to the point of healing and curing a disease.

There are 3 categories of causes that apply for all civilization diseases and they seem to be always interlinked:

1.The Internal Environmental – the human Bio-terrain. This is the environment in which all life processes within the human body work.

2.The External Environmental – the place where you live. You might be astonished but indeed the energy in your house and especially of your sleeping place has a serious effect on your health and is almost always involved as a cause of disease. This refers especially to the factors of electromagnetic and geopathic stress but also toxins from building materials and mattresses.

3.The Soul     – this aspect is commonly called psychosomatic but in reality it includes karma from past lives, the chakras, our energy system and much more.

The so called Bio-terrain is the inner environment of the body. In almost 99% of the population we find an over acidic bio-terrain. The more acidic it is, the faster the decay of our health. I am sure most of you have heard about this fact, but maybe not yet understood the full extend of its importance.

An acid is aggressive, it is causing corrosion. Some of you might have experienced a drop of sulphuric acid from a car battery burns a hole in any tissue. We have similar acids in thousands of combinations in our body.

They transform our living substances (our mineral deposits, the pillars of our health and beauty) into dead substances (acidic salts or impurities which form the biological terrain for any disease to develop). This is the process of ageing and the start for all degenerative diseases. This dilemma which often ends up in terrible suffering and disease can be absolutely regulated by our lifestyle, awareness, by eating a vegetarian whole food diet and drinking toxin free water.

However there are many factors that the individual is likely not aware of. The impact of parasites (especially from vegetables but also from pets and water), electromagnetic and geopathic stress, toxins and heavy metals need to be understood and dealt with – every person in a western society suffers from one or more of these factors and the earlier they are identified and dealt with, the better for the health and for prevention of diseases. These factors can be identified with Bio-Resonance or Radionic testing which I offer in my clinic. The tests can also be conducted remotely without the person present.

In my two day weekend course I deal with many of those details and show solutions for all of them. Even the worst diseases can be healed if we find out and address the causes successfully.

The environment where we live is as important for our health as the nutrition that we take in.

Our houses are overloaded with electromagnetic fields from devices, wiring and radiation that enter our houses from mobile phone and WIFI masts (which have a biological impact within 20 kilometre range).

It only takes a few hours of browsing through the web to find out that high frequency radiation from WIFI, wireless phones and mobile phones is seriously compromising our health. In our age of convenience our houses are full of harmful devices to make our lives easier – and significantly shorter and more painful.

Sometimes worse then the devices in our homes is the impact of the radiation from mobile phone or WIFI masts which are spread in a dense network all around the country. As a rule of thumb, if you get mobile phone or WIFI reception in your house, you should take action and protect your living space from these health decreasing energies. There is no reason for fear or resentment about these things: Where man creates problems he is always able to find solutions as well.

Through many years of bio-physical and geo – biological research I have been able to find amazing solutions to clear houses from electromagnetic pollution and geopathic stress. In my courses I explain in detail how electromagnetic and geopathic stress influences our health and how it can be neutralised. For more information on helpful devices see also my advert on the next page.

The third category which has a strong influence on our health is the state of our soul. To call this influence psychosomatic doesn’t hit the point exactly. It helps to be aware that we had many lives before this one and that each soul comes into this life with karma. Karma is not a sort of punishment but simply the result of past actions that has an influence on our life on the physical, energetic and spiritual level.

Our soul communicates with our physical structure through the chakras. The seven chakras can be understood as seven interfaces of body and soul. The area of the body where a health problem develops shows where our weakest chakra is located. For example if you have difficulties to set goals in your life and follow them or if you have difficulties to relate to people in a fulfilling way, your solar plexus chakra is probably weak and wont supply enough energy for your digestive system to work properly. This then will be the area in your body where toxins will predominantly accumulate, resulting in metabolic disturbances and eventually in a disease – depending on your nutritional and life-style choices.

The “Life Processes” weekend course goes in detail about how the chakra system reflects 7 areas of our soul: the meaning of them and the learning process that is connected with it. 

I strongly believe that we need to re-evaluate our value systems – globally and personally: as long as convenience and material gain is far more valued then health and morality it will be impossible to create a happy and healthy society.

Through networking we can try to spread important information which may help for global and personal transformation. We urgently need to replace our political, economical and health system to create a society based on truth and co-creativity.

It is vital to create an alternative health system that serves those of us that want to take self responsibility and that addresses the causes of diseases. The only way to create such a system is by the power of the people, because governments work hand in hand with the multinational companies. I believe the first step to create a new, holistic health system is to spread awareness about causes of diseases and how our body actually functions.

We should face the truth and understand that the pharmaceutical approach aims to long term medicate a person, which guarantees most profit. There is no interest to healing people and treat causes of a disease.

Why not boycott pills and go on a fulfilling journey of self discovery through mastering your health problems?

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Please do also get in contact with me if you like to organize a course for a group of people – I do also travel and give talks on the subject.

For more information please visit my website or or email me on or 071-9854186

Frank Albrecht is a holistic health researcher, spiritual counsellor, bio- resonance practitioner and Feng Shui consultant. He aims to help individuals to improve their health or find possible causes for diseases and treatment alternatives. To achieve this he uses individual bio-resonance testing and his skills of dowsing and Feng Shui to harmonise the living space as well.


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