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The New Science of Health and Longevity

 Weekend Courses

In our time of transformation, old structures, patterns and believe systems are destroyed to make space for the light of divine consciousness to manifest in all areas of life. Traditional and conservative understanding of Health and Disease also falls apart and needs to be replaced like all other rigid forms in life and society.

The divine consciousness can lead us to a comprehension that gives light to total healing, rejuvenation and possibilities of longevity that have not been known in past decades. Let this course be an inspiration to deepen your insight that you can heal yourself from any disease and even go further to reverse the decay of the body.

Ancient wisdom combined with contemporary holistic research will give you a completely new picture on health and the choices you can make to successfully deal with your environment, nutrition as well as increasing your life energy.


Our body constantly changes like a river. Life is given to it from a divine source. While our soul is eternal our body is subject to change like all other impermanent things on the physical level of existence. One of the characteristics of our material world is impermanence. Where there is a flower today, there will be a lifeless stalk in a few weeks.

Where there is a mountain today, there may be an eroded plane or an ocean in thousands of years. This impermanence or constant change is the expression of nature. Man with his physical body is part of nature but his soul is the image of the divine. By the power of his soul and his willingness to learn he can receive divine consciousness and wisdom about the eternal laws of nature (which are not subject to change).

He can learn to see that any form of death, decay and ageing is a lack of higher vibrational order. He can learn to reintroduce this vibrational order by understanding the life and death process that happens in nature and within his body. He can learn to recognise this harmonic order around and within him. If he understands these “Life processes”, he will be able to heal himself and his environment in any given situation. The Processes of Life are the same in the human body as in animals, plants and in the soil.

The food he chooses does not just provide physical nutrients but it has a vibrational imprint. It consists of life energy which is measureable in quality and quantity. This food is providing the building blocks for his cell structure, which is constantly changing.  In fact, the atoms that our body consists of are replaced to 98% every year! We receive new atoms with our food and these are built into our cell structure. Do you think it makes a difference, whether these atoms come from a burger or from an organic vegetable source? It might……

From a biochemical point of view, our body consists of water and mineral components. A constant transformation is happening which is hidden and not measurable. The “living substance” of our body is transformed into dead substance. Our mineral deposits (our treasure of life) are slowly getting depleted and transformed into “impurities” which form arrays of sick cells. The speed of this ageing process depends on our “biological terrain”.

Once we comprehend this process, we can make our metabolism work perfectly to achieve a balance between the elimination of toxins and the build up of new cell material from the water and chemical elements that we receive with our food. In such a state of health, degenerative diseases can not manifest.

Looking beyond food and our physical body, we can discover the “life energy” in our environment. This “life energy” ( prana, Qi or Orgon energy) is the etheric energy of the sun, that is building up all matter. The quality of this energy largely contributes to our health and our ageing rhythm. It depends on our environment and what we do to refine and harmonise this life energy within us and around us.

Contents of the course “Life Processes”

This weekend course is split into 4 modules. During the first module (half day, approx 3 hours) the biochemistry of the body will be explained in detail (This is not the kind of bio chemistry that is taught in medical universities as the medical approach does not show a holistic picture). I will be explaining in detail how “living substances” (living water and minerals – this is what our body is mainly consisting of) are turned into “dead substances” (impurities or “acidic salts”, these are minerals that are “used up” for the neutralization of acids).

These explanations are not complicated and will give you the foundation to comprehend the ageing process and how your metabolism works.

During the second module, life energy and the vibrational nature of physical reality will be explained. (Basic quantum physics and ancient eastern teachings about Qi or Prana). It will be explained why vegetarian whole food is essential – from a physical, energetic and spiritual point of view. The chakras will be explained as body soul connections and their role in healing on the level of the soul.

In this module I will also talk about fasting in detail. I will compare different forms of intestinal cleansing, super foods, vitamins, enzymes and other practical advice how we can improve our health and lifestyle.

During the 3rd module I will be going in detail about what causes disease and how we can test metabolic or vibrational disturbances in the body long before the symptom of a disease appears. It will be explained how electromagnetic fields and geopathic stress can destroy the “order” in the etheric body (first subtle body, regulating “prana” or “Qi”) which will result in chaos and metabolic disturbance in the physical body.

I will show how we can protect ourselves and create a healing space at home (introducing some brief Feng Shui principles)

In this module, we will also look at the causes of degenerative diseases like cancer and arterious sclerosis and how they can be reversed. The soul and karmic aspect of disease will also be discussed.

In the 4th module I will talk about possibilities of self diagnosis and perspectives how to create a perfectly balanced lifestyle and environment – to get to the point that we can fully take responsibility about our health and the speed of our ageing process. I will also explain how we can reverse our ageing process to a large degree if we wish to do so.

After finishing the course there will be opportunities for participants to arrange individual consultations – on the same evening or on the next day.

How can you benefit from this weekend course?
This weekend course will give you the knowledge how to approach and support a therapy for any kind of health problem. The material you learn will help you to gain absolute self – responsibility towards your health and the speed of your ageing process.
This seminar will also give you detailed insights, how the physical, energetic and spiritual levels of our existence are interrelated. It will show you which health issues need to be addressed on which levels.

It will allow you to be more conscious with your body and your environment and will give you a glimpse of the perfect wisdom which is manifested within each being. You will learn about powerful healing techniques and about breakthroughs and secrets towards longevity.

It is not just theory that is taught in this course – this knowledge has been successfully practically applied for years – it works. It is possible to put it into practise in daily life. The workshop material is based upon own experience and consists of actual research and ancient wisdom. It includes knowledge from ayurveda, chinese medicine, Feng Shui, geomancy, yoga, dowsing, macrobiotic, Bio- Resonance, herbalism and naturopathy.

About the course instructor

Frank Albrecht was born in Munich and lives in Ireland since 2000. He works as Holistic Health Researcher and undertakes biophysical research to discover the underlying principles of human health and disease. In contrary to conventional medicine, his focus is not the study of diseases but the detailed comprehension of health and the conditions that lead towards health. He believes that incurable diseases do not exist. It is our misunderstanding about the biochemical, biophysical and spiritual aspects of the human system that prevent the cure of serious illnesses.

One main focus of his work is to unite science and spirituality. He believes there is no real science without the underlying understanding of the spiritual realms.

Spiritual practice and purification strongly increased his perception of the life giving energy in natural food and also refined his awareness of both destructive and healing energies that can be prevalent in houses. He considers that personal experience is the only source of true knowledge and the best verification about any theoretical teachings.

Frank also works as a Feng Shui consultant, spiritual counsellor, dowser, Bio-Resonance practitioner and nutritional consultant. He aims to help individuals to improve their health, slow down the ageing process or find possible causes for diseases and treatment alternatives. To achieve this he uses individual bio-resonance testing and his skills of dowsing and Feng Shui to harmonise the living space as well. His websites are:, and (to be launched in 2011).

Contact Frank on for upcoming courses. Please do also get in contact with Frank if you like to organize a course for a group of people – He also travels and gives talks on the subject.


I believe, humans are part of nature, part of creation—but our souls mission is to go beyond. God has created us according to his picture. We can only guess what this means, but we may get the notion that within us there are unlimited possibilities that go far beyond what we can imagine. It is now—in this Age of Aquarius—that we get the possibilities to rediscover all the divine knowledge that was taken from us during the past ages. We can rediscover who we truly are—eternal beings, residing in a body that is perfectly designed for our needs but getting abused due to our misunderstanding of how it functions. We can completely let go from all our fears of disease and old age, if we do understand the divine laws of our “body-temple”. The seminar “Life Processes” is more than a foundation to it. It is a key for you to appreciate the divine perfection of how life and healing processes in your body work flawlessly, once they are understood and given the right attention and “input”.


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